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Lavell Marshall began studying martial arts in Germany at the age of 3, studying Tang Soo Do, Tae Kwon Do and dabbling in wrestling and Wushu. At 13 years old he moved to the United States where he began learning Kung Fu.


At the age of 19 he met the man who would change his life forever- Sifu Omar Harvin. Under Sifu Omar Harvin he began learning Baoding Combat Shuai Jiao and soon after he won Nationals, made it onto many international teams, and began competing around the world in many traditional wrestling styles.


In 2016 he moved to NYC to further his career, officially teaching and broadening his skills by training with Vlad Koulikov in Sambo BJJ Fusion. In 2017 he won the World Cup for Chinese Wrestling/Shuaijiao and subsequently realized that in order to reach his true potential in wrestling, he must move to the birthplace of this art.


In 2019 he moved to Inner Mongolia, China with his wife Ariela (also a wrestler) in order to learn Mongolian Wrestling and continue learning Chinese Shuaijiao from the best athletes in the world. Now he is in the grasslands wrestling day after day in order to one day show the world these beautiful arts to its highest degree.

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