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Founded in 1990 by the late Grandmaster David Lin (Lin Chi Kai), student of the Great Grandmaster Chang Dong Sheng, the American Combat Shuai Chiao Association (ACSCA) also known as Combat Shuai Chiao started in order to preserve the essence of Shuai-Chiao's original fighting science and its true application in combat.  

The concepts of Combat Shuai-Chiao include kicks, strikes, throws, and locks. The purpose of every move in this art is to take down opponent quickly using any means: Knockdowns, locks, or throws. However, we emphasize more on throwing techniques simply because it is the more devastating and practical; however, also most difficult to learn. There are two types of competition of Shuai - Chiao: Traditional and Combat. In a Traditional competition, only throws could be used. Combat or Full Body competition allows kicking, punching, and throwing.


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