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WHAT: US Open Martial Arts Championship - Ultimate San Da (MMA friendly rules)

WHEN: October 1, 2017

WHERE: Queens Collage - Flushing, NY

WHO: Draven Fontanez

Draven Fontanez, son of Harry Fontanez, worked hard to prep for the 2017 US Open Martial Arts Championship as you can see him below fighting his heart out against his first opponent in a fury of striking and evading tactics.

Draven may be newer to the tournament scene but with his first place win last year in the light San Da division last year he wanted to step it up and prove his mettle; and prove it he did! For those who don't know, Draven competed last year in his first San Da compeition at the ripe young age of 15! Now at 16 he's fighting once again in an over 18 men's division under the watchful gaze of his father and coaches. Can't wait to see what comes next!

Due to last minute rule changes, Draven, who had trained with boxing gloves prior to the fight, fought with MMA gloves and injured his thumb towards the middle of his first fight. He fought through the pain to get the win but coaches Harry Fontanez, Shifu Gavriel Ben Judah, Mario Polito and Matthew Gelfand all agreed that it wasn't a good idea to move forward given the condition of his thumb. He wasn't happy about it but safety was the number one concern.

All were proud of him and look forward to many more spectacular moments representing Shuai Jiao Evolution in it's finest.

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